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10 Most Popular Courses in Melbourne for International Students

Australia has established a reputation for itself as one of the finest places to study abroad. Statistics indicate that prior to Covid19 Nearly 7,20,150 foreign students were successfully enrolled in academic programs in Australia in 2019.


International students frequently choose Australia over other nations for a variety of reasons. For example, people can take advantage of the pleasant, warm weather, prestigious institutions and colleges, good education, high wages and salaries, low immigration barriers, options to settle after completing the program, and the opportunity to experience a foreign culture.


After deciding on Australia as your study abroad location, you should start concentrating on the next important phase in your study abroad trip, which is to pick the ideal course for you.


Although it may seem simple, remember that this is a crucial step for your future in Australia. You must pick a curriculum with strong potential for growth in Australia; otherwise, you risk having trouble finding a job you’ll like or obtaining permanent residency.


You must begin looking for a course to enroll in that will fit your interests or talents and have a wide professional scope (in demand) in Australia if you want to eliminate all these potential consequences.


You’re probably wondering how we can tell which courses are in high demand in Australia. In order to save you time, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 courses in Melbourne that are currently very popular in demand in Australia. So let’s get started:


courses in melbourne


1. Engineering Courses in Melbourne

It’s a profession that creates, designs, builds, utilizes, and maintains machines, systems, buildings, and other objects that assist people in achieving practical objectives or resolving global issues.


Therefore, obtaining an engineering degree from an Australian institution may significantly impact your career in Australia and can lead to several work prospects once your studies are complete. The latest Australian skill shortage report shows that there is a shortage of electrical engineers, chemical engineers, electronic engineers, communication engineers, mechanical engineers & Industrial engineers.


Therefore, you should enroll in a preferred Engineering degree given by Australian Institutions if you enjoy difficulties, in producing design, production, or innovation.

In Australia, an engineer has average yearly pay of $109,893.


2. Business and Management Course

Businesses are essential to the Australian economy and provide over half of all private non-financial sector jobs, making business and management attractive courses for students who wish to work in the corporate sector.



Currently, management is necessary for all company departments, including the accounting, marketing, and human resources departments. A degree in business management from an Australian Institution will provide you with the advanced skills which will help you lead an organization efficiently.


Your ability to monitor business operations, and staff performance, and prepare for all significant parts of the business will also improve with the aid of the business management course. In Australia, a business management graduate can expect to make roughly $71,928 a year.


You have a broad range of job opportunities after finishing business and management coursework at an Australian institution, including:



     Sales Manager.

     Project Manager.

     Finance Manager.

     General Manager.

     Product Manager.

     Operations Manager.

     Small Business Manager.

     Construction Management.

     Business Development Manager.

     Information Technology Manager.


3. Computer Science and Information Technology Course

Since the bulk of jobs nowadays is performed utilizing science and technology, there is a global need for computer scientists and IT experts. Australia is no different, where there is a significant need for IT specialists.


Choosing a Computer Science and Information Technology program from a Designated Australian Institution will be a wise choice if you are interested in science and technology and want to have a successful career in it.


Examples of such programs include Web Development, Computer Network, and System, ICT Business & System Analysis, Software Application, and Programming, etc.


After completing the course, it will increase your chances of being accepted for permanent resident status in Australia and open up a lot of job opportunities.


4. Automotive Course

“Automotive” is a different course that is becoming more and more popular in Australia. You will learn in-depth information about automobile issues and how to remedy them thanks to this training. You can choose from any program ranging from a certification to a master’s degree.


Since there is a significant need for competent automotive engineers in Australia, completing your automotive studies at a Certified Australian Institution will bring a wealth of job prospects for international students. It may also assist you in obtaining permanent residency in Australia.


5. Accountancy Course

Accountancy maintains to be the most well-liked or in-demand program in Australia. The Australian Trade Shortage List includes a number of accountancy positions, indicating a rising demand for accountancy experts.


An accounting degree from an Australian institution may actually open up a vast range of employment choices in Australia if you are fascinated by accounting and want to establish a successful career in this industry.


You may be able to obtain Australian permanent residency through the accounting programs. An accounting professional typically earns between $70,000 and $80,000 per year.


Once you’ve finished your accounting education, you may quickly apply for jobs at places like:


     Management accountant

     External auditor





     Tax accountant

     Business development manager

     Corporate Treasurer

     Taxation Accountant

     General Accountant

     Chartered accountant

     Forensic accountant

     Chief Financial Officer

     Data analyst

     Management consultant


6. Architecture Course

There is a high demand for skilled, experts in this field who can plan and design world-class structures, homes, and businesses that are energy-efficient and have little impact on the environment. If designing buildings is what sparks your interest, enrolling in an architect program from an Australian Institution will be a wise choice.


Environmental demands are posing challenges to and altering this business. Designing buildings that are energy-efficient and have little influence on the environment while taking into account the sun, rain, and the wind is crucial. In Australia, there is a high need for both business and residential architects.


7.  Agricultural Science Course

The major goal of the agricultural science area is to actively look for all sorts of ways and strategies to boost crop yields, reduce risk and loss from insects, improve farmland productivity, and create the best technology to improve food quality. Economic and social science that is only applied to agriculture is covered in the agricultural science course.



The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professional track includes the agricultural science course. The average income for graduates in agricultural science ranges between 65,000 and 75,000 dollars.


After finishing the course, you can pick from a broad range of employment opportunities, including:






     Agricultural Consultant.

     Agricultural Scientist.

     Environmental Consultant.

     Environmental Manager.

     Conservation Officer.

     Land Economist.


8. Actuarial Science Course

Simply said, actuarial science is a Risk in the financial, insurance, and other industries evaluated using mathematical, analytical, and statistical methodologies.


In order for the financial sectors to make crucial decisions based on data and minimize or neutralize the risk beforehand, advanced machine learning and analytical tools assist to discover risks & opportunities.


Actuarial science is growing in popularity as a result of the heavy reliance on it by sectors including banking, insurance, finance, and pension plans as well as the advantages of cutting-edge machine learning.


Students who want to use their understanding of risk and opportunity evaluation in a full-time profession might choose actuarial science as a very rewarding alternative.


9. Tourism and Hospitality Management Course

The need for qualified professionals in hotel management is increasing along with the annual growth of the Australian tourism sector. As a result, numerous restaurants, cafés, and hotels in Australia are operating with inadequate personnel levels.


Therefore, completing a program in tourism and hospitality management will provide you access to the Australian tourism industry. As a result, numerous restaurants, cafés, and hotels in Australia are operating with inadequate personnel levels.


Therefore, completing a program in tourism and hospitality management will provide you access to the Australian tourism industry. In Australia, a hospitality manager makes an average yearly pay of $73712.


10. Nursing Course

Nursing is another extremely rewarding profession in Australia. We are all aware of the significance of health workers in society, and with the implementation of the Covid19 initiative, this need has increased to the point that it is now one of the most sought-after professions worldwide.


Australia is no different, as the most recent data indicates that there would be much more demand than supply for nurses with a projected shortfall of approximately 85,000 nurses by 2025, or 123,000 nurses by 2030 under current settings.


Nursing is the ideal profession for you if you desire a job that is intriguing, demanding, and impacts people’s lives. A licensed nurse in Australia may expect to make an average salary of $73000 per year and have several career options.




Every international student must make plans in advance for their study time. The cost of tuition varies depending on the school and the topic.

In Australia, the cost of living varies considerably from region to region. Remember that failure to pay the necessary fees when applying for a visa usually results in your application not being accepted.


Since there aren’t any loans available to them and there are very few grants for international students enrolled in undergraduate programs, the majority of them pay the whole cost of their education here.

Scholarships are also unavailable for diplomas and other courses. But there are a number of scholarships offered for postgraduate research programs.

If this article was informative and helpful for you, I hope you would enjoy my another blog on: The Value of Diploma Courses




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