Diploma of Automotive Technology

Codes: AUR50216 | CRICOS 103056E

Duration: 26 weeks

Course Overview

Diploma of Automotive Technology graduates will develop the skills that will enable them to diagnose, evaluate, analyze, design, and modify a range of vehicle, automotive electrical, and mechanical systems in the automotive service, repair, and retail industry.  The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to solve complex automotive issues. Give an in-depth understanding of the electrical and electronic faults of the machine, engine, and fuel, while developing the expertise to maintain automobile and vehicle safety.

This Certificate will teach you the core knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry including the use of light vehicle tools and specialised equipment. When you complete this course, you will be qualified for the Diploma qualifications on the way to becoming a Diagnostic Technician.

Core Units

  • AURAFA007 Develop and Document specifications and procedures

Elective Units

  • AURAFA006 Conduct research and present technical reports
  • AURETA002 Analyse and evaluate electrical and faults in body management systems
  • AURETA003 Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in monitoring and protection systems
  • AURTTA022 Develop and apply mechanical system modifications
  • AURETE001 Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in engine management systems
  • AURETR034 Develop and apply electrical system modifications
  • AURLTD007 Analyse and evaluate faults in light vehicle steering and suspension systems
  • AURLTE003 Analyse and evaluate faults in light vehicle engine and fuel systems
  • AURLTQ003 Analyse and evaluate faults in light vehicle transmission and driveline systems
  • AURATA005 Estimate and quote automotive mechanical and electrical repairs
  • AURAMA005 Manage complex customer issues in an automotive workplace.
  • Total Number of Units = 12
  • 1 Core Units
  • 11 Elective Units 
  • Tuition Fee = $7,200 AUD
  • Material Fees =  $700 AUD
  • Enrolment Fees =  $300 AUD
  • Total Fees = $8,200 AUD
  • Mechanical Diagnosis
  • Automotive Mechanical Overhauling
  • Vehicle Loss
  • Assessing or Automotive Management

Mechanical Diagnosis, Automotive Mechanical Overhauling, Vehicle Loss, Assessing or Automotive Management

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