About MMC

Melbourne Metropolitan College (MMC) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Provider Code: 40860, registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to deliver nationally accredited vocational education and training (VET) across Australia. MMC is a dynamic and progressive professional training institute with the vision and focuses on the future career ambitions of our valued learners. We are committed to discovering and maximizing your potential.

Our training programs actively seek to create positive change in our course participants and the world they interact with, including their workplaces and communities. MMC trainers have developed reputations for professionalism and quality through our practical, effective and passionate training. We live our business values of integrity, transparency, creative innovation, professionalism and quality in every training session and through our business leadership. Our qualifications are designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your current role or future workplace and will lead to a nationally recognized qualification.

Located in Melbourne – the capital of Victoria and one of the world’s most livable cities – we offer training onsite and across Australia, taking our training to workplaces and into various communities.


We are dedicated to contributing to Australian society by providing quality vocational education to its learners and thereby creating a skilled and job-ready workforce who in turn will serve the nation utilizing their skills and practical knowledge in the industry. Based on our core values we will respect every individual learner and our clients fairly and equally; we will support them throughout maintaining professional integrity and ensure excellence in quality and services provided by us.


Creating highly skilled job-ready workforce through our high quality accredited and non-accredited training and education programs.

Why Choose Us!



Our course contents are of high quality. Our trainers and assessors come from the relevant industry with numbers of years of hands-on experience who knows the best and are highly skilled. We train and assess our learners in a simulated work environment and guide them to various other resources for them to be equipped with everything they will need to succeed in their roles.



We are diverse in the sense that we aim to be different than others. Our industry-focused vocational learning and training courses ensure our learners not only have the required knowledge and skills but also have confidence, full of innovative ideas, positive attitudes and have the desire to change the world.  Our learners come from different walks of life, race and culture and this melting pot of diverse associations will offer you vast opportunities in the big world out there.

Competitive fees & Flexibility

We provide high-quality training and education service yet our fees are very competitive in the ever-changing market. Our aim is to provide with our learners the best value for their tuition fees. We are flexible in delivering our courses to learners of different needs. However, we do not compromise with quality. We offer various learning schedules to specific student cohorts and learners that can vary their study load in accordance with their personal needs.

Job-ready approach

We train our learners to be ready for the current and future ambitious roles. Each year thousands of learners graduate with various qualifications yet barely survive in their real-life roles. We ensure our trainers and assessors are current industry veterans and they share their real-life work experience with our aspiring learners. Even in the classroom we simulate real work environments and get various project done where our learners can gain valuable experience.