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Why Opt For Diploma in Business Administration Over MBA?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After joining the workforce on completion of your initial studies was a milestone itself. Now when you want to add another degree to your resume, it can pose quite a challenge, mainly if you are considering a course in Business Administration.  On the one hand, you have heard about the impressive acronym MBA (Masters of Business Management), and on the other hand, you might be unsure whether it is your cup of tea. Diploma in Business Administration is a nationally accredited course in Australia, and the certified candidates are well in demand. Diploma in Business AdministrationDifference Between MBA and Diploma in Business Administration MBA is an addition to your existing qualification, i.e. it builds on your work experience as a senior manager while offering you a broader focus on several areas of management. A diploma in Business Administration whereas provides you with an in-depth understanding in a particular area.   Reasons To Opt For Diploma In Business Administration over MBA There are several reasons that you should select to get a diploma in Business Administration instead of an MBA. Here are the top 4 reasons:  
  1. MMC’s Business Administration Diploma Can Jumpstart Your Career: Melbourne Metropolitan College (MMC) will give equip you with the tools and knowledge that business administration career that can help you to flourish in any administrative role. Our graduates can secure jobs that often even the MBA holders are unable to get because they are considered over-qualified with under-experience.
  1. Preference of Real World Knowledge Over Theory: MMC offers real-life learning in the course offered for Diploma in Business Administration. Students are encouraged to deal with actual business world scenarios and in-depth knowledge across multiple disciplines is provided. This gives our students the boost to deal with situations with confidence, even among those who have an MBA.
  1. Quicker and Pocket-Friendly: Getting an MBA degree is not easy; it is quite demanding both financially and time-wise. For an MBA degree, you have to dedicate at least two years of rigorous full-time training or a minimum of four years if you are doing it part-time. Also, the money you have to invest is quite expensive for an MBA degree. Diploma in Business Administration can be obtained within a year with less strain on your pocket. So you can get a diploma and enjoy a raise too.
  1. A Pathway For Future MBA: If you really want get your MBA degree you can use your Diploma to open doors for new job roles with a higher salary. Once you get the high paying job, you can save the money while gaining experience, thus places you in a better position to get high-paying jobs in the field of management.
    Final Words For many often getting into MBA after being part of a professional world is difficult since it demands heavy committeeman while offering a late return on the investment. A Diploma in Business Administration is a one-off way to get into the mode of studying again while getting a valued qualification and practical experience. This also helps to accelerate your career and gives the option of deciding whether to opt for an MBA degree or not. So choose wisely![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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