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Why Choose Cyber Security? The Fastest-Growing Field of Study In Australia

According to the 2022 census, cyber security has experienced a 746 percent increase in qualified individuals over the previous five years, making it the field of study with the fastest growth in Australia.

Why not consider pursuing a degree in intelligence and security if you’re unsure why choose cyber security in Australia?

Cyber security – what is it?


what is cyber security

Threats, risks, and weak security points are studied by security scientists. They learn about both current and potential future security issues by using scientific tools and methodologies to understand security as a whole.

A brand-new field of study known as cyber security combines security principles, the built environment (such as physical and technological environments), and security management, which includes jobs in management, business, finance, administration, and policy. 

Security risk management, which creates strategies to reduce security risks, informs and guides the discipline. Because cyber security is interdisciplinary, knowledge from it can be used in fields like sociology, economics, and law.

Why Choose Cyber Security?

Opportunities in the industry are expanding along with the discipline of cyber security. cyber security is a relatively new field of study compared to other scientific disciplines, so more jobs are being created daily. 

Numerous technologies and systems rely on robust security in order to operate, so there are a wide variety of jobs available. Additionally, there are two job openings in cyber security, the least populated field of technology, for every qualified applicant.

Cybersecurity jobs are also well-paid. According to estimates, cybercrimes cost Australian businesses $29 billion annually, demonstrating the willingness of companies to invest in individuals who can safeguard their assets.

The average annual salary for a cybersecurity analyst is $77,000, with the highest-paid individuals earning more than $100,000. 

You might be wondering if this growth can continue, but according to projections, 18,000 more cybersecurity positions will be needed between now and 2027. Be assured that you will still be required!

Which career paths are available in Cyber Security?

cyber security career path

With a cyber security degree, there are numerous career options. Both the public and private sectors have a high demand for cybersecurity specialists. 

For instance, the Australian government recently established a National cyber security and Technology Centre to conduct cyber security and technology research to find defenses for Australia against new threats.

As a role that is needed across a variety of industries, including information technology, education, health, banking, telecommunications, transport, energy, and retail, cybersecurity career options are very diverse.

Top Cyber Security Jobs
  • Chief Information Security Officer – CISO. …
  • Security Architect. …
  • Cybersecurity Engineer. …
  • Malware Analyst. …
  • Penetration Tester. …
  • Computer Forensics Analyst. …
  • Application Security Engineer

Security experts will be in high demand wherever there are online transactions or information.

Where can I find courses to learn cyber security?


In Australia, there are many places to study cyber security. For instance, Melbourne Metropolitan College provides specialized programs in the area. With visits to state convention centers and maximum-security prisons.
Melbourne Metropolitan College offers two courses for Cyber Security-

Diploma of Information Technology ( Cyber Security)
Advance Diploma of Information Technology ( Cyber Security)

Here the students get a close-up look at security. Graduates have gone on to work for organizations like KPMG, Qantas, the Australian Federal Police, and the New South Wales Police. International students can enroll in these courses at both universities beginning in 2023. There is undoubtedly a place for you in the growing field of cyber security.

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