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Top 6 vocational courses in Australia To Shape Your Career

Thousands of international students enroll in various educational institutions across Australia. A large part of them eventually settles down here because of the number of job opportunities after graduation. 


In the last few years, besides degree programs, enrolments have also increased in vocational courses in Australia. It will help you finish your studies quickly and equip you with job-ready skills. 

Skill-based courses will help students to improve on ideas and skills that they already have, and it will give their future a boost. Different skills will help students learn something new that will enable them to acquire more knowledge and enlighten their future.

What Is A Vocational Course?

 vocational courses in Australia

A vocational course is also known as technical education. It aims at enhancing employability and field-specific skills. These courses are based solely on one particular trade, with less focus on theoretical/scholastic sections. 


These are direct learning courses that nearly always have an internship with job training as an essential part of the course. Although some universities and colleges offer vocational courses, these are primarily offered at training centers, technical schools, career centers, and field-specific institutes. 


The purpose of vocational training courses is to prepare students for their chosen job by equipping them with the relevant skills.

Is Skill Based Courses Important?

We are living in an era of globalization and technology. We can see the dynamic change in almost every industry. Banking is now at our fingertips, which means with the help of mobile phones or laptops, we can easily access all the features of the bank, which makes our work easy.


Also, Tesla is working to create driverless cars, and the human workforce is being replaced by robots. So, as technology takes the driving seat, it becomes important for students to make informed career choices that will help them stay relevant in the current job market. 


They need to focus on learning skills that can make them future-ready and this is why learning Skill-based courses becomes important.

Top 6 vocational courses in Australia

This cannot be a complete list of all the best vocational courses, since that would be a very long read indeed. Additionally, the names of the courses and the specifics of their curriculum may differ widely depending on your location and the institution you choose. 


So, we have done our best to keep things general and give you a well-rounded idea of the available courses.

Auto Mechanic

If you are interested in-car technology and want to build a career as a technician, you can enroll in an auto mechanic course at a vocational training institute. Studying these courses will equip you with the skills required to provide essential repair services to cars of every make and model. 


To get started, you need to enroll in these three courses. 


1. Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology: This course is perfect for beginners. 


2. Certificate IV in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology: In this course, you will learn several advanced diagnostic tasks. 


3. Diploma of Automotive Technology: This course will help you learn management skills.

Flight Attendant

Budget airlines have been booming around the world, thanks to budget airlines. As a result, the need for flight attendants has been on the rise to meet increased travel demands. Various airline companies and training centers offer flight attendant training. 


Being a flight attendant has its perks, including plenty of travel options and privileges, generous salary opportunities, etc. Additionally, some airlines may include the cost of training as part of your salary.


The hospitality industry includes many sectors under one term; a bachelor’s degree in hotel management will cover all the responsibilities over several years. 


But, you can skip the longer duration and opt for specialized diplomas or vocational courses in catering management, food and beverage service, culinary, hospitality, baking and confectionery, housekeeping, and much more


Since these certificates focus only on one aspect, they run for a shorter duration and typically cost less than a full degree. Employment options include hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering services, etc. Besides, you can also run your hospitality business by taking this course.


Carpentry courses are offered to produce technically brilliant carpenters who can find job roles not only in Australia but across the world too. The duration of this course is 104 weeks, and thus, you will find your job within one year of study. 


A Certificate III in Carpentry from SAI will help you learn to prepare layouts for the importance of carpentry materials. You’ll know how to study plans, drawings, and other specifications and also carry out smaller carpentry projects like repairs and the construction of furniture. 


Lastly, you’ll know how to build wall frames and staircases for residential projects. Nature and the assembling of timber Relevant handyman work and skills.

Language Expert

This type of vocational course is for people who are fluent in two or more languages. This usually means you will need to be a native speaker of one language or have an undergraduate degree. 


Many companies and even government agencies hire translators, interpreters, foreign language teachers, and local staff in a foreign country. This can be a useful upskilling course to broaden your employment options.

Child Care

Childcare is a growing sector in Australia and is predicted to employ thousands of employees in the next few years. You can enroll in a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to kick-start your career. 


The course duration is 52 weeks, where you will go through basic learning about various developmental milestones for children. This qualification will help you find job roles like early childhood teacher or education, daycare worker, child care center manager, nanny, etc. 


The next-level course is the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, which will help you get employed in roles like playgroup supervisor, director, team leader, etc.

Commercial Cookery

If you love food and experimenting with cuisine, a commercial cookery course will be ideal for you. Various courses are delivered in this field across various colleges in Australia. At SAI (Skills Australia Institute), two courses are offered. 


One is a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, and the other is a Diploma of Hospitality Management. The Certificate IV course will help you learn various cooking and culinary skills required to work as a professional chef or kitchen hand. 


You will also come to know about various cuisines. Other topics covered in this course include maintaining food safety and health standards at workplaces, first aid, workplace management, and using necessary equipment. 


The hospitality industry is a vast and growing industry that offers a variety of job roles like unit manager, business manager, executive housekeeper, club manager, kitchen manager, etc. For different roles, you will need different skills to handle responsibilities. The Diploma course will equip you with those skills.


Melbourne Metropolitan College is a leading institute where you can find all of these vocational courses in Australia. Its courses are available for international students, too. 


There will be differences in the requirements and fee structure compared to domestic students, so if you are an overseas student, it is important to check the website before you enroll.


Visit for more information : Melbourne Metropolitan College

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