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Top Automotive Technology Trends & Technologies for 2022

The nature of the automotive atmosphere is currently shifting together with the arrival of new technological innovations and evolving market demands. Motor vehicle manufacturers are confronted with one of the roughest climates nowadays. Is it heartwarming enough to justify the efficacy of automakers in the automotive atmosphere?

The cars of the 1980s and 1990s have been operating down the streets in the same way until today. As a result of digital technology, prototypes have already been modified and will be ready on the roads in the next decade or two. 


Autonomous car manufacturers have to keep up with the latest technologies and readjust their operations to adapt to changing business models.It is expected that the automobile industry will continue to release new products at an impressive rate.


Digital technology will soon be the distinguishing feature of the car and software will drive profitability growth for automakers.” The ultimate goal of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), will be to transform into software or tech companies.


Trend 1: Automakers Review Their Approach to Hardware Sourcing

Automakers are reevaluating their traditional inventory procedure following the JIT policy, which caused major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to have no backup stock available in the event of chips shortages. According to the projections of numerous automobile manufacturers, 50 of the top 10 companies in the field will establish their own chips, will establish direct relations with the chip makers, and will eliminate JIT inventory management, also known as just-in-time inventory.

Trend 2: Digital Giants Integrate the Car Into an Holistic Ecosystem

The digital giants Amazon, Google, Alibaba or Tencent are expanding their leadership and presence in the field of vehicle-related services in the coming years. Many of these companies are connecting their car ecosystems, which will lead to unique vehicle-related services.


It is clear that by 2028, roughly 70 percent of vehicles sold will utilise the Android Automotive operating system, compared to less than one percent today.

Trend 3: Open Data and Open-Source Collaboration Models Gain Momentum

Several automobile companies in 2021 began offering open-source automobile architecture operating systems and open source EV platforms. This model of increasing collaborative partnerships in the automobile industry is expected to rise in 2022.

Auto Manufacturers are considering the growing collection of data in the same way of the tech industry. Their primary objective is not to sell data, but to build or integrate ecosystems that will allow access to a wider variety of data with the goal of creating more compelling features or digital services.

Trend 4: Established Automakers Ramp Up OTA as Their Main Digital Revenue Channel

A number of vehicle manufacturers began to deploy OTA software last year. As of this time, most automobiles have modernized to allow OTA software distribution. As a result, they are now moving to a service model based on revenue.

By 2023, analysts anticipate that half the top 10 car manufacturers will offer services that allow unlocked and capability upgrades to be bought after a vehicle is purchased.

Trend 5: Autonomous Vehicles — More Regulation in Place, But Commercialisation Hurdles Persist

Paradoxically, even as technological approaches to perception are improving, issues continue to slow the development of autonomous vehicles for most new cities or regions.

Auto manufacturers have moved onto Level 3 autonomous cars and are now working on broadcasting Level 4 self-driving trucks and commercial robotaxis. However, proving the safety and effect of autonomous technology is a difficult and time-consuming problem, and expensive real-world testing and simulation.

In addition to factors such as liability and potential legal consequences, both in the way it is impacted by driving human vs. self-driving vehicles, the challenges are also being influenced by issues such as liability in case of an accident.

Some of the Best Technologies of Automotives are -​

1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


This is a system that monitors objects on the side, warns you about vehicle motions, and guides you in ways that minimize vehicle drift. This is one of the many examples of a Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which started using ABS. This innovation is now required to be standard on every new car.There are a number of such systems in modern vehicles.

These driver assist systems, some of which are marketed as advanced safety suites, may come as part of vehicles as standard features. Some examples are Toyota Safety Sense, Subaru EyeSight, Ford CoPilot360, Honda Sensing, and Nissan Safety Shield 360. Even if an option you would like doesn’t come preloaded with ADAS as a bundle or suite, most automakers combine it with another package to entice customers.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking

There are several examples illustrating the extent to which automatic emergency braking plays a part in safety technology. When the car determines that a collision is imminent, auto emergency braking functions your car’s brakes, possibly reducing or preventing a crash. Emergency braking can begin to work prior to your hitting the brakes, lessening the chance of a collision.

There are examples illustrating the vast effect that automatic emergency braking has on safety technology. When the motor vehicle senses that there is a collision approaching, the system begins breaking your car’s brakes, possibly reducing or preventing the crash. Emergency braking can come on before braking, reducing the chance of a collision.

3. Connected Mobile Apps/Digital Key

Most automobile companies understand how important role our mobile phones play in our lives. This is why companies work hard to develop their own cell-phone applications for vehicles. Nearly every auto brand has an app you can download for your automobile.

Some people offer more than others, but contemporary ones are more versatile. The most useful ones let you remotely lock and unlock the doors, check the status of fuel level and tire pressure, and remotely start the car, especially on a cold January morning.

You might even use some of these apps to set up scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. These apps may also tell you about the number of kilometers that you’ve got left as you drive past a particular charging point.

Your phone’s digital key contains security and privacy features that protect your vehicle just by looking at your phone. It links your phone to your car, so you only have to hold it near the vehicle’s door to lock and unlock it. You can also use the phone to control the car manually, and your sole trusted companions can gain access as well.

4. Teen Driver Tech

GM’s Teen Driver suite of security functions is specifically designed for families with young drivers. The suite was first available on some Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac cars, trucks, and SUVs. Teen Driver, which is an option for parents with teen drivers, helps protect them from possible road-related harm. 

If the security system is on and sends an alert when your vehicle is driven over a specific speed or if your seat belts aren’t on, the audio will mute. SiriusXM satellite radios in your vehicle will be filtered out if you need to pause the radio program. You can set a volume limit so that the audio will not go on.
The backseat also has several warning functions that are activated when the car is in motion.

5. Safe Exit Assist to Protect Cyclists

No matter what the streets feature, a bike is a ride that must be careful in the cut. A feature that helps riders and drivers is a good bike lane indicator also known as the tandem indicator. If so, rear sensors will trigger an indication device to make sure that a bicycle is not opened just as a passenger goes by car.
These systems work also when another vehicle is approaching. If you are parked along a street and your passenger wants to get out of the car, those same sensors can prevent someone from opening the door as traffic drives by.

Exit warning systems work for several minutes after having shut off the engine. If sensors detect an approaching bicycle or vehicle, they alert the passenger with a series of bright lights. The most cutting-edge systems will literally lock the door by activating the child safety lock just in case it could possibly be opened in order to intercept it.

6. Wireless Smartphone Connectivity and Charging

Wireless mobile phone connectivity or charging can be a great way to keep the area around the transmission shifter mess-free. Given that wireless phone charging uses a special mat, the area in the truck can serve as a handy place to store your phone. Aim for a vehicle that possesses both wireless connectivity and phone-charging capabilities.

7. 360-Degree Camera

This feature is becoming increasingly common in everyday cars of all varieties. A 360-degree camera is highly convenient to use and makes it easier to prevent damage to your motor vehicle. By utilising cameras on all sides of the vehicle with some innovative technology, your car’s infotainment system can present you with a simulated top-down view of your surroundings.

It can show the sides of your garage or whether you are between the parking lines at the grocery store. It can also help when parallel parking. While reverse brake assist and cross-traffic alert help you avoid collisions when backing out of a parking space or driveway, a 360-degree camera makes sure you don’t hit anything while you’re parking.

Parking a large vehicle can be very risky if you accidentally hit a rock or a tree. A car camera prevents possible insurance claims by keeping your car scratch- and dent-free.

8. Emergency Services/Stolen Vehicle Tracking Software

Stolen vehicle tracking technology is provided by several vehicle manufacturers, such as Subaru Starlink, Kia UVO, Hyundai Blue Link, and GM OnStar.

Stolen autos and shelters aren’t the only things these systems can help you with. They’ll be able to locate you after a crash has occurred, help in a disaster, discover an aging family member for additional help, make sure your teen driver is fine, and much more.

9. Blind-Spot View Monitor

It can be quite convenient to have a small screen showing what’s in the lane when you’re making a sharp lane change. That’s where a blind-spot monitor can help you. It utilises a small camera on the two sides of your vehicle to display what’s in that lane in your blind spot. This can help you avoid hitting another vehicle or pedestrian on a bicycle or motorbike.
There are many different versions of this technology, but we prefer displays within the gauge cluster, which are easily visible in vehicles by names like Genesis, Kia, and Hyundai.

10. Video Rearview Mirror

In a big-box store, if you have assorted merchandise in your trunk and have filled your trunk to the brim, you know what it resembles to get rid of use of your rear-view mirror. However, a video rearview mirror solves this problem. It uses a rear-mounted camera to display what’s behind you.

This design of a rearview mirror appears in the same spot as the traditional undertaking, but you can also toggle between that and regular/video images. This model of the mirror is also beneficial when towing, as it offers you a wider look at the road to monitor your trailer.

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Identifying new opportunities and emerging technologies to incorporate into your firm at the earliest stage provides the best advantage.

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