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What Skills and Requirements Do You Need To Become A Good Automotive Service Technician?

A career in the automotive industry as an automotive technician might not be someone’s first choice. However, being an automotive technician is not that boring. Not everyone wants to repair vehicles and maintain them, but not everyone has a choice. 

To become successful as an automotive technician, you need hands-on, specialized, and soft skills. These soft skills will help you stay on task as an automotive technician. Soft skills are mostly forgotten about because everyone focuses on hard skills here.

However, despite the technical skills of an automotive technician, you should adapt to soft skills too. Today we are going to discuss a list of soft skills that you need to have in your automotive work. 

If you’re educated, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced as a great mechanic, there’s a good chance you’ll have a long line of loyal customers who will come to see you on a regular basis. They’ll be entirely dependent on you to keep their cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road so they can keep their passengers safe.

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What does it take to become an  Automotive Service technician?

Automotive technicians are mostly known as mechanics. Their work is surrounded by diagnosing, preserving, checking out, and repairing motors, vans, and different cars. They are responsible for maintaining the motors we rely on each day.

This means if you want to be an automobile technician, you’ll definitely need to finish a training program. Just like an ordinary Technical Institute’s fifty-one-week car generation application, you’ll need to research the basics of how today’s vehicles run. 

In a few cases, this information can be received through the training program itself, but an exchange program like UTI is designed to give you a hands-on education that can help you start your career in this category. 

You might have the opportunity to complete your training program in much less than 12 months. Auto mechanic schooling necessities can range based on the institution. 

So you see, becoming an automotive technician is not that hard. You’ll need to have the will, knowledge, and a little bit of training, and you’ll be good to go. 

Minimum requirements:

  • Need to have a high school diploma  
  • Enroll in a vocational high school program 
  • Need to complete an automotive training program 
  • Earn ASE certifications 
  • Need to have industry experience as an entry-level technician or apprentice 

Top 4 skills every automotive technician needs

Now that we know the basic requirements to become an automotive technician, let’s explore the set of skills you need.

Problem Solving

In any career that you pursue, you’ll need these skills to survive. Problems will inevitably arise in your day-to-day work as a technician. This calls for the potential to hassle-resolve and thinks for your toes. 

Whether or not restoration is taking longer than anticipated or a customer is unhappy with their vehicle, it’s the task of a technician to come up with a solution that is satisfactory for the client and the organization.

If you fail to be a problem solver, you won’t be able to survive, let alone your company. 

Customer Service

As an automotive technician, most of your interactions will happen with customers. Therefore, having customer service skills is a must. 

Every day you’ll meet different types of people who will respond to you in a different way. All of them will not be very nice to you, so that’s an issue. You’ll have to deal with them in a calm manner, assure them, guide them, and make them feel comfortable. 

All this might sound easy for you or maybe too hard, but everything will be fine over a period of time. As a professional technician, it’s your job to make sure that you’re ensuring your customers regarding the time and cost of repairs is always accurate. 

As an automotive service technician, you can keep a client satisfied by explaining exactly what repairs are being done to their vehicle and furnishing form updates through dispatch or regular phone calls. This conduct will help you establish trust with your guests, which could affect your business and referrals in the future.

Time Management

As a mechanic, you will frequently deal with more than one client in a day and must also account for longer repairs, which may take you a long time to finish. Time management will allow you to manage and meet competing deadlines. 

Through strong time management skills, you can record incoming orders, account for implicit deliveries of vehicle corridors, and make sure guests admit their vehicles back on time. Time management will also help you to understand how long each operation will take. 

Customers want an accurate estimate of the return date for their vehicle. You must develop a thorough understanding of how quickly they can make repairs.

Attention To Detail

Whether you’re working on repairs, diagnostics, or maintenance, it’s important that you perform these tasks with close attention to detail. There will be times when you misunderstand the entire requirements of your customer. 

Every successful automotive technician will want to keep drivers safe on the road. The failure to diagnose or repair something correctly might put their lives in danger. Attention to detail is a critical skill of a great technician. 


There are two types of skills that all automotive technicians need. One of them is soft skills, and the other is technical skills. To be successful in your work, you’ll need both of them. However, I’ll recommend you focus on these 4 first and then on others.

You’ll always have the opportunity to learn and grow during your career, so try to scale as fast as possible and satisfy your customers daily.

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