Mission and Vision

We are a nationally recognised training organisation in Australia
RTO CODE: 40860 | CRICOS CODE: 03783F


We are dedicated to contributing to society by providing quality vocational education training (VET) to learners and thereby creating a skilled and job ready workforce, who in return will serve their nation by using their skills and practical knowledge in their chosen industry. Our core values are, we will respect every individual learner, fairly and equally. We will provide them with support throughout by maintaining professional integrity and ensuring excellence in quality and services provided by us.


Creating a highly skilled job-ready workforce through our exceptional accredited education programs.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Melbourne
Metropolitan College

Business & Communication Coaches

We proudly claim to be unique for having 3 Business Coaches, 1 Communication Coach, 2 Personal Life Coaches and 1  Presentation Coach (Public Speaking) on board. As our leaders want to create more leaders, they are happy to offer you consultation sessions. MMC Students can avail the opportunities to attend workshops and seminars of our coaches for free or with significant discounts.


Melbourne Metropolitan College is more flexible in timetable options, frequent intakes and even the tuition fees payment plan. We would allow you to change the courses (before the commencement day) without any charge. You can start your units any time of the month/year, and completion will be adjusted accordingly.


In your professional and personal development, networking plays a vital role where often we fail to pay attention and effort. MMC will be your platform to make network with other students, trainers and coaches. Networking is a quicker and smarter way to learn about people, place, doing academic works or even getting the industry insights for your professional development.


Melbourne Metropolitan College welcomes student from different parts of the world. Cultural diversity is our strength. Learning is not only about the skills, but also about people, culture and their values. Getting people from a similar background helps to settle down in abroad mentally. 


People working in MMC came from diverse backgrounds. Many of them started their life in Australia as international students like you. They are familiar with the challenges, struggles and the vision you have. Our trainers, coaches, counsellors and student support team are very friendly and compassionate. They would do their best to make you feel at home

Career Help

MMC is ready to help you at any stage of your course if you are interested in pursuing your career in Australia or overseas. With workshops and personalised care, we provide services like making your resume smart, interview skills, industry-focused job links and your overall written and verbal presentation skills.


The campus location of MMC is something you should seriously consider. In the heart of Melbourne City, 4 minutes’ walk from the famous Flinders Street station, multiple trams, cafes, restaurants, shops and the city crowd etc. make the campus accessible and happening any time of the day.

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