Academic Counselling

The Melbourne Metropolitan College holds an international council that represents the diversity of scholarly interests in managerial, behavioral, and public policy perspectives with attention to educational implications. The MMC strives to be the most relevant teaching and training institution around the world; an essential community for those who want to learn in a better way. A higher level of counseling is a mandatory part of our institution. 

The Academic Council recommends the educational policies and also determines the curricular and courses that can help achieve high educational standards. The council is currently composed of the following academics and professionals:

We proudly claim to be unique for having 3 Business Coaches, 1 Communication Coach, 2 Personal Life Coaches, and 1  Presentation Coach (Public Speaking) on board. As our leaders want to create more leaders, they are happy to offer you consultation sessions. MMC Students can avail of the opportunities to attend workshops and seminars of our coaches for free or with significant discounts.

MMC trainers have developed reputations for professionalism and quality through our practical, effective, and passionate training. We live our business values of integrity, transparency, creative innovation, professionalism, and quality in every training session and through our business leadership. Our qualifications are designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your current role or future workplace and will lead to a nationally recognized qualification.

Developing and recommending to the student’s strategies related to the teaching and research mission of the education, including (but not limited to ) strategies on learning and teaching, research, student support, quality assurance, collaborative provision, employability, internationalization, and widening participation. 

MMC members ​serve a professional teaching platform that starts with our international team. In-person meetings occur in every session. We offer quality over quantity.

Please check our following courses to become a member of the MMC to get your life turning point.

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