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Why now is a great time to earn a certificate in auto mechanics?

There are many different jobs available on the market right now, so choosing a career path can be difficult and confusing. You have to consider employment opportunities, salary, and many other factors in order to determine what you want to do. 

One of the most important things you will want to consider is what kind of work you find stimulating. If you like working with your hands, are looking for great compensation, and want to be part of a dynamic industry that is constantly changing, then a career in automotive technology might be right for you. 


In fact, in Australia, right now is a good time to begin working towards building your career in the automotive industry!

A Reason to Earn a Certificate in Auto mechanics

Automotive training prepares students to work in the industry, equipping them with a valuable skill set to help them succeed in a variety of auto careers. With auto mechanic training, students have the opportunity to become professional auto mechanics who are both well-rewarded and in demand. 


certificate in auto mechanics

As an auto mechanic, you’ll be repairing and maintaining vehicles, likely ranging from small motorcycles to large tractors. This also depends on the market you choose to specialize in, giving you the choice to work on everyday cars, heavy-duty vehicles, or even specialist equipment. 


In this line of work, you can gain many benefits.  Here’s a closer look at why you should start your auto mechanic training now for those interested in pursuing a future in the auto industry!

An indication of future growth

According to a verified source, more than 6,000 job openings will be available to mechanics in the next ten years. The majority of these jobs (72%) will be replacements for the retiring workforce. 


The other reason why there will be so many openings in the industry is economic growth, which is something that is important to note because working in a strong economy is always a very good thing for job security. 


With so many Baby Boomers retiring and the economy growing, that is creating significant demand for mechanics, especially in Metro Vancouver. According to the Government of Canada Job Bank, the demand for mechanics is particularly strong in the Lower Mainland-Southwest Region of British Columbia, which has helped push wages to as high as $40 per hour. 


Completing your automotive technology training now will give you the certification that you need to find employment in an industry that is predicted to continue growing steadily over the next decade. 


Even better, when you complete your Auto Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship Program in auto technology school, pursuing the vocational training, you may be able to receive the first level of your four-level apprenticeship by contacting the Industry Training Authority (ITA). You might also have hours credited towards your auto mechanic certification. 


This can help you fast-track your apprenticeship and have you on your way to becoming a fully certified journeyman sooner.

Keeping up to date with new skills

Automotive training programs are specifically designed to give you an insider perspective, allowing you to gain hands-on experience as you learn in a shop setting. This equips you with a wide range of practical skills, preparing you to inspect, maintain, and repair vehicles. 


As you work on different cars, you’ll have the opportunity to build more skills and grow in this fast-paced industry. Vehicles have evolved to include new technology, adapting to new innovations in the auto industry. 


In addition to giving you new opportunities to learn on the job, this makes your day more interesting and unique. You’ll also get to do what you love, which can make you feel more satisfied during and after work. 


By completing your car mechanic training, you’ll be ready to join this thriving industry and grow alongside it.

Take Advantage of the Career Opportunities

It should also be noted that a career as an auto mechanic opens up many opportunities. Vehicles are still heavily relied on in today’s society and the demand for auto mechanics keeps growing, especially with the older generation aging out of the workforce. 


In addition to job security, this can lead to stable earnings and solid wages, with entry-level mechanics making around $40,000 while those with more experience can make up to around $63,000 per year. 


After earning your auto mechanic certification and gaining more experience in the field, you can reach a master’s level and enjoy more flexible hours and career development opportunities. 


You can even decide to specialize in maintaining and repairing specific parts of a vehicle, like the brakes, electrical systems, or the engine. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can open up their own shop and become independent auto mechanics.

Stay Relevant with Industrial Changes

Another reason now is a great time to enter the industry is the impressive technological advancements that are being made. Electric vehicles and hybrids are becoming a common sight on the roads, and fully autonomous cars, once the stuff of science fiction, now seem to be just around the corner. 


In fact, the increased complexity of cars is part of the reason why the demand for auto technicians is so strong.


Get Physical and Mental Health Benefits

By nature, auto mechanic work is very hands-on and physical. You’ll be on your feet, moving around to get things done. This can help you stay active and healthy. Besides, by following your passions and doing what you love, you’re likely to feel less stressed and more accomplished while doing a good job with a meaningful purpose, contributing to road safety. 


Additionally, you’ll be interacting with various people at work, including co-workers and clients. Social interaction has been argued to increase happiness and reduce stress, boosting your engagement and work performance. With so many great benefits, now is a great time to pursue your interests and start your auto mechanic training.

Melbourne Metropolitan College offers 3 different automotive courses to assist international and local students to grow their careers in the auto mechanic industry. 

Since this is the perfect time to grow your career, choose an auto mechanic certification from here and start your journey today. 

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